With availability of captive tool room capacity, the Company made a beginning in 1982-83 in Gauge and Gauging Fixture production.

  1. Commencing activity from the mentioned period, the Company produced these Products on  rate   contract   to   Hindustan Aeronautics  Ltd.  Engine  and  Aircraft Divisions.   The works assigned to the Company extended upto 17,500 man-hours and  the fixtures were produced to their design drawings.  These included special tools,  jigs and multi-gauging fixtures.   The projects involved were Adour, Garret &  Jaguar. 

  2. As a result of our work with H A L, we were offered similar work  from Bharat Dynamics Ltd., Hyderabad  and  Heavy  Vehicles Factory, Avadi.

  3. Towards 1986-87, we were introduced to  gauging   fixtures and systems involved in front transmissions of four wheelers  and we  received in post process inspection gauges orders  from  GKN-INVEL  Transmissions  of  Faridabad for  components supplied  to Maruti Suzuki Motors for their models of four wheelers.

Since then we were constantly involved in both development and  production  of gauges  in  post   process  inspection of Automobile Components and our customers.