Video Vision Inspection System

      The VideoVision Inspection System integrates state-of-the-art high quality optics and video with versatile hardware & software to meet the most demading needs of non-contact inspection and measurement. This is achieved by combining the strengths of a traditional profile projector, toolmaker's microscope, and CMM in one complete compact package. The design has been optimised for stable, long-term performance in the most demanding environments.
DeltaVision can also be used for high end metallurgical microscopic examinations using high resolution CCD camera, high precision parafocal zoom lens, coupled with high resolution monitors, either colour or monochrome, depending on user requirements. The fibre optics based ring light provides variable lighting, which enables examinationof highly magnified surfaces with great accuracy, under varying light conditions. Several system configurations are available to suit specific applications and budgets.


  • High precision zoom parafocal optics.

  • High Resolution CCD monochrome/colour camera and monitor.

  • Precision worktable with X & Y-axis traverse.

  • Accuracy of under 0.004 mm over the entire traverse.

  • Measuring resolution of 0.001 mm.

  • Dedicated Data Processor for geometric functions like radii, distances skew alignment and angles, with RS232 port for data output.

  • Under stage lighting for profile measurements

  • Fibre Optics based ring light ilumination system provides bright, even and cool surface illumination to the part being measured/examined, and ensures crisp, clear images on the monitor.

  • Electronic graticule generator with changeable white and black lines, enables users to align & pickup edge coordinates to calculate various geometric configurations.

  • Can be coupled with image capture and transfer software to send images to a PC. The image can be saved in standard TIFF, BMP, GIF, etc. formats for printing, etc.

Applications and System Specifications