Metrology Equipment manufactures custom designed gauges and gauging fixtures with allied measuring systems for most of the critical components in aircraft, automobile and general engineering industries. The Company has actively associated with leading manufacturers in the said group of industries in developing multi-gauging fixtures incorporating mechanical, optical and electronic measuring instruments.

The Company has developed associated software and special embedded systems including SPC packages for auto-components and these are now well accepted in the industrial quality labs.

The Company has in-house facilities for CAD and precision manufacturing & inspection set-ups to ensure the qualification and acceptance of the gauging fixtures and systems by the customer before final installation in their factories. Needless to say, rigorous repeatability tests are conducted on every gauge to ensure the quality confidence in the customer.




Samples of work carried out include:
  • SPC Network for auto-engine valves inspection

  • Critical parameters of engine valves, piston, piston rings with detailed software

  • Multi-gauging software for different automobile components like half shaft assembly, shaft propeller, Seat recliner, seat and Seating systems frames and Turbine blades.
After sales service cum follow-up is always ensured to the customer at all times.