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Products Manufactured:

Installed capacity / Utilization capacity: As the products manufactured are having its own specification and are manufactured in line of requirement of Customers it is not assessable to furnish installed capacity.

We have given below ITC / HSN code and manufactured during previous years:

Sl.No Name ITC - HSN Code
1. Micrometers 90173010
2. Gauges, Gauging fixtures and Multi Gauging Systems 90173029
3. Spares & Accessories for Micrometer & gauges 90179000
4. Spares and Accessories for Projector & Video Vision 90319000
5. Profile Projectors & Video Vision Inspection system 90318000

List of users includes reputed government organizations and leaders in the automotive and engineering field. To name a few users of our equipment:

Government and Defence Organisation like:
Defence, Research & Development, Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Nuclear Fuel Centre (NFC), Hyderabad, 5 different Regional Reference Standards Laboratories (RRSL) across India, Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (VRDE), Hindustan Aeronautical Laboratory (HAL), Small Arms Factory (SAF) Kanpur, Bharth Electronics, Delhi, Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE),Bangalore, New Delhi, Integrated Coach Factory (ICF) Perambur, Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, Bank Note Press, Dewas, Indira Gandhi Center for Research, Nuclear Fuel Complex, Mumbai, Hyderabad.

Certifying organizations like;
CMTI, National Physical Lab (NPL Certifying Company), Delhi.

Exports: Rupac Srl, Italy, Future Tech, Japan, Delphi Shanghai Dynamics & Systems, China, Quest Machining & manufacturing, - USA, Borg Warner, USA. Worthington Precision Metals, USA, Deutsch Relays Inc. USA. Sauser Danfoss APS Nordborg, Denmark Exported to Turkmenistan, Kabul-Afghanistan, Harare-Zimbabwe though HMT International Ltd., Bangalore

Production department : manufacturing facility level of in house facilities :

The company has various machineries like CNC Jig Boring, Injection Moulding, 2 and 3 axis CNC Machines, Laser Marking Machine and Inspection Equipments, in the production department with experienced staff.

The factory environment is designed in such way to keep both dust and temperature down.